Ken!’s travel to japan and car

世!皆さん!Yo! Everyone!

In this post I will be including some words and a ton of pictures from one of this site’s readers and commenters, Ken! He was kind enough to want to share pictures from his trips to Japan and also a couple pictures of his 240sx. And we all know how much we like 240’s here at Domofactor ^.^

Some auction areas in Japan, very famous race shops, super taikyu, girls and food!

Enjoy…. I will give you some sights I have visited like Hokkaido, Kyoto, and stuff like that… I am headed there end of the year too! -Ken!


VIP style~

tri-Ace indeed haha.

That looks cute~ haha


Apparantly Ken doesn’t just enjoy taking pictures of fast and cool cars. He has a really fast and cool 240sx as well.

Here are two relatively more recent shot of my car. Its going through some changes this year… but yeah…

Car specs are fully built SR20: Apex 1.1 Head Gasket, JE Pistons, Eagle Rods, ACL Bearings, Brian Crower Titanium Springs and Retainers, HKS 264 Step 1 both intake and exhaust, GT2871R .86 AR, tuned on a PowerFC D-Jetro by steve shadows. Output about 370 to the wheel at 320 ft/lb of torque.

Cooling is done by a Koyo Alu Rad, Setrab 23 Row oil cooler, and Blitz intercooler. Blitz Downpipe, greddy outlet pipe, Blitz Exhaust, with Driveshaft shop single piece driveshaft, with a 3.4 final gear set and a helical diff from a s15 with a 180sx JDM large capacity diff cover….

Suspension is Megan Racing Track Edition with full swift springs, corner balanced, full motoria arms with some aurora bearings, QA thrust bearings for all suspension corners, 300zx F/R brake conversion running 15/16 Master Brake Cyclinder, Cobalt Friction XP12 front and XP8 Rears pads. Other stuff like PBM subframe risers, SPL tie rods inner and outer, with Circuit Sport Tension rods. Drift Freaq Engine mounts, Greddy Front Strut Bars, Cusco triangular rear bars, Stealthwork A-Arm reinforcement, with Z32 rear uprights.

Aero is pretty much a stock hood cut up, with an Ebay fiberglass wing, homemade front splitter, and PBM lower crash plate.

In 2011, plans are fully refreshed, V38 Tial Wastegate, ISIS Intake manifold, Greddy Oil Pump, Accusump

I only posted a handful of the pictures that Ken took from his Japan trips. So, if you’d like to see the rest, you can check out his photobucket HERE.

Again, thanks to Ken willing to share his awesome photographs! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’m sure Ken will see it and reply ^.^!

2 thoughts on “Ken!’s travel to japan and car

  1. awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing your pics Ken.^_^ You do you currently live at? I’m planning to go to Japan at the end of this year too! haha if you’ll be in the Kanto area maybe we can meetup!

  2. Mr_mezz says:

    why everybody irritates me with their pictures about trip in Japan =(next it will be my turn to show off





    I’ll take a picture in all these shop  😉

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