Summer Mini-creation

So I’ve been designing and backwards engineering a little something for my car. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into the machine shop and make it over the next couple of days… So thought I’d share a little picture of my design:

(Click for larger)


Can you guess what I’m making?
(No, it’s not a door knob…)

7 thoughts on “Summer Mini-creation

    • Haha great guess! Honestly I’ve no idea about the weight. This design is something I backwards engineered from the optional OEM Subaru STI Titanium shift knob, which weighs 8 ounces, but I’ll most likely be making mine out of solid 6061 Aluminum. So it’ll definitely be heavier than 8oz , but compared to the stock shift knob, I’ve no idea.

      • that’s awesome! lol I fail and can’t use CAD to save my life. lol I tried Solidoworks back in High School, but wanted to slam my head into a desk. lol

      • Haha I made this with Inventor, and it’s super easy… well at least for me lol. I have my associates in CAD so I like this kind of stuff. I’ll probably make a more detailed post later after I finish everything ^.^

      • Ken! says:

        I use a 13 ounce shifter… 360 grams…. for short shifters, a heavier shifter helps a lot!

      • Gaby4b11 says:

        I want to see it 3D rendered haha ^.^ .. Are you going to paint it or leave it with the metal color?

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