Oil Catch Cans


I thought I’d make another post. This time about oil catch cans, since I decided to go through with completely rebuilding my motor with all new internals, I figured a nice catch can would be needed to keep the insides of the motor clean and healthy. So in this post I’ll talk about three main things I went through with my catch can: Research, Development, and Pros/Cons of my own catch can.

**caution** A lot of letters and words…
redbull gives you wings
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Aka-chan update

Hey everyone! Hope everybody has been enjoying Terrell’s Japan trip posts lol. Time for me to post some stuff as well.

So I’ve been home for about 2 weeks now for summer, and I’ve been busy at work on my motor. In case you haven’t caught on from the obscure posts I made forever ago, I’m in the process of rebuilding my old and beat high mileage naturally aspirated single cam motor out of my car…


Spent most of last week redoing the engine harness. Stripped all the old insulation/wrappings off. Continue reading