Aka-chan KA24E-T Boostin at 7.5 psi


Been mad busy with school, but here’s a new post~ So about 9 months ago, I made a post HERE about wrapping up my turbo single cam project. In the comment section, Ken requested a video of me boosting up in the higher end. So better late than never, this is for you Ken haha.

I don’t drive her much due to school. In fact, I’ve only put 1000 miles on it so far since the complete rebuild and turbo upgrade…

So in the video, I’m only at about 3/4 throttle and limited myself to 5000 RPM’s. I’m still getting use to being boosted with my s13 after driving it naturally aspirated for about 8 years haha. Also trying to get use to the piston slap noise from my aftermarket pistons, clutch chatter from the stage 4 competition clutch and added stiffness from the Nismo motor mounts… But once I put another 3000 miles or so, I’ll move to phase 2 where I’ll switch to synthetic motor oil, double check all the nuts and bolts, and get myself a boost controller and double the boost.

new wheels coming soon

Another thing, my current tires are old and one of them is leaking air constantly. So I ordered some R33 GTR replica wheels and some 255/40/17 Dunlop ZII’s to replace my Work Vs-xx and Federal tires. New setup probably won’t break as many necks driving down the street, but should grip better 😀


One thought on “Aka-chan KA24E-T Boostin at 7.5 psi

  1. Cake says:

    I liked the purple, but she sounds strong. I just finished my turbo upgrade aswell 🙂 Love the new noise too!

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