Aka-chan KA24E-T Boostin at 7.5 psi


Been mad busy with school, but here’s a new post~ So about 9 months ago, I made a post HERE about wrapping up my turbo single cam project. In the comment section, Ken requested a video of me boosting up in the higher end. So better late than never, this is for you Ken haha.

I don’t drive her much due to school. In fact, I’ve only put 1000 miles on it so far since the complete rebuild and turbo upgrade…
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Lumix GH2 w/ 14-42mm kit lens

Got my new camera yesterday and it’s pretty sweet. Still gotta figure all the ins and outs though…

Took like 100 photos and here’s the best of the bunch…

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“Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me, who believes in YOU!”

So the title and the quote are from a certain Anime that has mechs and stuff in it. Can you guess the title?

And no it’s not Gundam.

Here’s a little hint in the form of a key-chain hanging off my car, which I received from a good buddy of mine.

Matches the paint pretty well, ne?

If you can’t remember or don’t know it, then read below for the answer.

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