Aka-chan, Better Suspension and More Grip~

Hola, everyone~

To catch up on the lack of updates, here’s an update on Aka-chan~


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[Life Together] Nissan 180sx

So I got my self a new 1 TB Western Digital external hard drive from best buy for $60 and in the process of seeing what I should move from my old hdd to the new one I found these I saved onto my hard drive a LONG time ago…

Oh yeah and they’re all high resolution too… just click~

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Ken!’s travel to japan and car

世!皆さん!Yo! Everyone!

In this post I will be including some words and a ton of pictures from one of this site’s readers and commenters, Ken! He was kind enough to want to share pictures from his trips to Japan and also a couple pictures of his 240sx. And we all know how much we like 240’s here at Domofactor ^.^

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